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Magic Valley Park Pet Rules

Last Revised June 12th, 2017


Magic Valley RV Park accepts up to two small pets (dogs or cats) per unit. Some pets, such as rodents or reptiles, are not accepted. Larger dogs must have Management approval. Vicious dogs are not accepted.

Because of liablity issues insurance companies insist that every one of the following rules apply to every pet owner. Texas also has laws that require pets be leashed at all times in public except in designated pet park areas. Failure to adhere to the rules published below can result in the resident and/or pet(s) being evicted from the park.

  • Pick Up After your pet.
    Cleaning up after your pet is your responsiblity. If you do not pick up after your pet you may be asked to leave. By keeping the park clear of pet waste, we minimize the number of fleas, ticks, and parasites attracted by that waste. That keeps your dogs and you healthier.
  • ALL pets must be under control at ALL times and on leash when out of the resident's unit, except when in the dog park.
  • If your dogs bark excessively they will not be allowed to remain in the park
  • Do not leave your pet outside if you are not with them.
  • Do not allow your pet to perform bodily functions in or around common areas and facilities, including inside common buildings, pool/hot tub, shuffleboard, horseshoe areas, or the area in front of the Office. Do not allow your pet to use another resident's yard for their bodily functions.
  • If you see a pet owner allowing their pet to relieve itself in your lot, please take a photo and bring it to the office. Management will address the issue.
  • You may not fence your yard nor use temporary fenced areas for your dog or cat, even if you are outside with the animal at all times.
  • The only animals exempt from any or all of these rules are legitimate service dogs who perform services for physically impaired residents, guests, staff, and volunteers.

These rules may not cover all incidents that may arise. Other issues may come up that are not covered. Owners and Managers will address these issues as they come up.

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